Dancin’ Fools

This short video is pretty self-explanatory. Just me and my Bro K-Man acting like the “Dancin’ Fools” we are at his wedding to Sandy. They got married on my 31st birthday, and they’re still married today! We started a new wedding tradition where the groom and the best man have a dance. This would go over well in the modern era of gender bendering, I’m sure, and it appears K-Man and I were quite ahead of our time… Sandy’s Mom saw us dancing and said, “They dance like they don’t have a bone in their bodies!” Of course, that could have had something to do with the 6 beers we had already consumed by that time of day. It was almost sunset after all!

Click the YouTube or Google links below to see the video.

Dancin’ Fools 100993 – YouTube

dancin fools 100993.mov – Google Drive

And of course about halfway through the song, our good friend “Lenny” jumps in to make it a dance trio. Lenny was an ardent Deadhead, so impromptu dancing was totally up his alley!

Also, just for grins try clicking my friend Steve’s FB page link below for a funny 15-second vid of me dancing like a fool again! I’m not sure if the FB link (82) Facebook on top of the video image works for everyone, but please let me know. I’m curious…

(82) Facebook

5 thoughts on “Dancin’ Fools”

    1. As I recall, we spent plenty of time dancing ourselves to World Roots and the local Cheesehead bands back in the day, Miss Patti!
      Techie tip–Don’t click on the images themselves–They aren’t active. Click on the links ABOVE the images.


  1. Ha! I was able to get the first one at Kevin’s wedding on your birthday to play and it brought back fun memories of dancing with you, too, mostly at gigs with Matt Rowe, Bob Corritore, Jed (?), Chico Chism and Big Pete or Small Paul…the FB one required filling in my password and, not recalling it offhand, I didn’t get to view it — not yet, anyway.

    Thanks for posting — I am always glad to see something new so I know you are still “down here” with us, although it makes me sad knowing it is physically painful for you to be so…damn it! As you wrote, the Marquis De Sade didn’t imagine this hell.

    Love, forever,

    1. Hi Cindy–Yes you and I were indeed the “dancing machines” back in the day! Thanks for reminding me of all the good times we had dancing to all those really fun and awesome bands. We both had the rhythm for sure, and we even met at a show because you saw me on the dance floor doing my “loosey goosey” moves and I’m forever grateful that you bought me a beer and asked Bob introduce us so we could have our couple of years together!

      Good thing you weren’t too shy, and that’s what I’m trying to communicate in my writing. It’s important to say WTF a lot of the time if you want to live life fully and make it worthwhile. And the end for me is certainly hellish, but at lease the rest of life was awesome!

      Love you forever too!


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