Gigging with My Fellow Dogs in “St. Bernard”

Back in 1983 I had the pleasure of joining a band that had just released a mini-album of sorts with 5 decent songs on it. “St. Bernard” (you gotta love that name!) was a kind of punky pop band I played live with for about a year in Milwaukee just before I moved to Arizona. I did not play on the actual studio recordings, but I could play the very basic organ parts, and I actually owned a 1967 Farfisa organ exactly like the one they used in the studio. Playing guitar didn’t hurt either, and here are a few pics from a gig we did in a record store (remember those!) in the summer of 1983.

Eric, Paul & Andy aka “St. Bernard.” There was another guy in the band too, but I don’t have a pic with Rick the rhythm guitarist. I’m on my 1967 Farfisa on this song.
Some guitar on other songs. Like my faux leopard shirt? Bwahahaha! One of the things I loved most about playing in bands was the ridiculous amount of wardrobe freedom I had.
And I could even play the wooden “cowbell!”

Here are the five songs St. Bernard recorded in the studio. Fun punky pop songs written by Andy & Paul to the best of my recollection.

“My Baby Went to the Bahamas”
“I’m a Jap”
“Someone’s Dog’s in Trouble”
“Hey Miss Walker”
I loved the band’s meme and slogan! How could I not join St. Bernard!!!

5 thoughts on “Gigging with My Fellow Dogs in “St. Bernard””

  1. I like, “Someone’s Dog’s in Trouble,” the nice easy stroll-about melody set against the lyrics of slipping in dog sh#t.

  2. Thanks, Daniel! I think the guys kind of stole the whistling part of the melody from the old 1950s song “Tequila” without even knowing they were doing it. But it is catchy!

  3. Goodness….I remember the Shepherd Express ads for this band’s gigs. Always made me chuckle. Do you recall the record store? Looks vaguely familiar.

  4. It was a small independent record shop near UWM I think on Farwell & Locust near the Cousins sub shop? But I know you are a real Milwaukee geography geek and will likely remember the actual name and address of the place! You certainly remembered Zak’s in the old Schlitz building. I sure didn’t and I used to hang out there when I was 16 because they served minors. My date Anne turned me onto the place, and we drank 151 rum & Cokes all night and then drove back to Mequon!!!

    1. St. Bernard’s first gig at Zak’s North Avenue was when they were all under age. Or it was possibly another band with Paul and Andy: Ready, Steady, Go!

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