Old Pics From the ’60s & ’70s

As you can see from the pics, I had a pretty typical awesome childhood with great parents and a cool sister. We grew up in a place called Mequon, Wisconsin which was a suburban/semi-rural area just outside of Milwaukee. The pictures speak at least a thousand words, and I’ll be adding more as I find them. Love you Mom, Dad and Sis! 🙂

My high school girlfriend Kim K. and I on our way to the senior prom at MUHS. Why are my eyes always closed?
Brian, Heidi, Kim & I getting ready to go out for Halloween, which was always my favorite holiday. Like my buggy sunglasses? Hahahaha!!!

7 thoughts on “Old Pics From the ’60s & ’70s”

    1. The dating pics were mostly from Marty K, Private Eye. Remember he always had a real SLR camera back in the day when everyone else had those crappy instamatics!

  1. OMG! The wallpaper, those tux’s the bar rooms, shag carpet- what a blast from the past! we had that same kinda electric stove island. you look SOOOO young & innocent for senior prom- yet from your other stories we know that’s not so 🙂 What a fancy “boy” cake for that 10th bday. Aaahh, life seemed so simple then. You were so adorable…and still are!! Love you

    1. It’s cool to see all the old stuff, isn’t it?! And you are certainly correct that I was nowhere near as innocent as I looked–Hahaha!! I can honestly say that less than an hour after those photos were taken Kim and I were smoking one on our way to the restaurant, having a few drinks there, and continuing the party until 2 or 3 am! 🙂

      1. Cricks, we most certainly DID have so much fun! 😙😘😛❤.. it’s so crazy to think that once upon a time I couldnt stand My dad, AKA Marty K Private Eye taking so many pictures! Now, I treasure every one of them, just as I will forever treasure every memory of you… I am not trying to sound cheesy, but it’s the truth… Awww shit, I am so angry at myself that I didn’t read this part of your blog before you left this world to the Great Unknown.. It is my belief that you indeed have Walked The Stair way to Heaven, with my Grandson Kase waiting to greet you…Fuck Fuck fuck Cricks, what I wouldnt give to even talk to you for 5 minutes now, to hold my 3year old grandson, just 1 more time… more thoughts to follow, as soon as I can stop crying… I love you always, my first love. First everything!😜🤭😏❤💔🙏

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