Life Pics from the New Millennium

The new millennium was a great 20 years for me as well. My writing biz ended in 1999 and by then advertising production was going at full speed since I began as a lowly PA in 1991 and started producing in 1993. I always tell people that it takes time to establish your own biz, and it took until the late ’90s before advertising production really began to make some serious money.

On the social side, things were fun as always–Lots of friends and family in lots of places, and I tried to keep up with them all! As I said in my opening post, I’ve always been so lucky to have the proverbial “good problem” of having too many friends. And regardless of my health situation, my “good problem” remains unchanged thanks to all of you! The most frustrating part for me is not being able to socialize and engage with everyone because of my severe physical limitations. I can barely speak, text or type now, so I’m pacing myself the best I can and trying to communicate as much as I can through the blog so I can reach everyone at once. And since a picture is worth a thousand words (or at least a hundred hopefully!), I can communicate as much as possible with as few keystrokes as possible (for good or for ill–Hahaha!) That said, please feel free to reach out to me with comments or directly at my email address: The pics are in no particular order, so pop a cold one and scroll away!

Brian, Kevin, Steve & I jamming at one of my surprise 50th birthday parties. We actually played pretty well considering the decades that had elapsed, and a great time was had by all.
The iconic “Flatiron” building…
My old high school friend Tom with his wife Barb and son Taylor. Tom is in one of the old stories about psychedelic high school… πŸ™‚
Here’s an old one of me and our friend Gary who’s nickname was “Bababooey” like the Howard Stern radio character. I can’t remember where he got the nickname–I think because he kind of looks like the real Bababooey! I wasn’t in shape then, so Gary probably won the arm wrestling bout!
Some buffalo we were getting ready to shoot…
No REALLY SHOOT–With a gun, not a camera as you might have expected from me. That’s me in the green jumpsuit being schooled on how to dress down a 1,000-pound buffalo.
And the guy in the bandanna is none other than crazy Steve Wagner. He and I split the buffalo meat and the other guy is the rancher.
Chilling with my good friends Peter and Deb over the summer. They took me out on their pontoon boat for my last awesome sunset ride at Canyon Lake. Thanks and Love you guys!
My friends Matt & Kitty and their daughter Ena took me on my only mountain bike ride in my entire life in 2017, which turned out to be just in time! I’m very grateful for it and the timing was perfect. The other cool thing was that our ride was about 3 hours and 17 miles long with Ena leading the way, so I really got to do it right. It’s tough to keep up with a college girl in good shape and I found muscles I hadn’t used before even in the gym and on my own rather lengthy trail runs!
My good friend Robert with Kitty and Matt’s son Asel.
A gang of my libertarian friends at Donna and Ernie’s house. The Hancocks have been harassing the statists for many decades and have the internet radio show and website “Declare Your Independence.”
More libertarian friends Dave and Lori at Marc’s party house.
Me at my friend Marc’s 50th birthday party last year. I could still limp and drive back in December 2018.
Yet another one of Marc’s birthday parties, and it was at The Duce, a converted warehouse downtown and one of my favorite places. We actually shoot there quite regularly. And I love the sentiment expressed in the pillow sign and the look on my friend Sam’s face–Hahaha!
Returning from a trip to Rocky Point with Marc and company in about 2015 I think. We were on the Mexican side of the border and I absolutely loved their snarky sign mocking the hassle American citizens will receive from US Customs and Immigration–Hahahaha!!! Getting into Mexico takes about 2 minutes, and getting back into our own country can take 2 hours on a busy Sunday. In this case, we were actually hauled out of Marc’s car and locked in a room for 20 minutes while ICE searched Marc’s car, our luggage, you name it. I didn’t have anything I shouldn’t (I’m not that stupid in this day and age!), but I was nervous as hell because ICE had an issue with Marc (that I won’t go into here), and I was honestly concerned that ICE might try to plant drugs on us or something else very bad. Fortunately they didn’t and we made it home in one piece…
In Flagstaff with Andy, a cool attorney (I know that seems like an oxymoron, but they do exist–Hahahaha!) who works at my friend Marc’s firm. Andy is a musician too, so that’s really what makes him cool–lol!
KABA stands for “Keep and Bear Arms” and my friend Bob and I just couldn’t resist posing for a photo with this sign on our way home from a firearms training class at Frontsight in Nevada.

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