Flashback Plays the Beatles…And More!

Apparently we were actually called “No Exit” at this gig in a funky bar named Thoma’s in 1981.
I think Steve made the sign and he damn sure wasn’t going to waste it–Hahahaha! Loved Thoma’s though. We were drinking there since age 16–Hey it was Milwaukee in the 1970s!

Courtesy of Bob again, we were able to take a stab at recording an actual Beatles’ song in an actual recording studio. Brian (pictured on left) was the driving force behind this and played a really nice lead that was close to Harrison’s on the original recording. Actually, I’ve heard a rumor that McCartney actually played the “Taxman” guitar solo, but I’ll let Brian the Beatles Guru weigh in on that one. Now if we could only sing like the Beatles… sigh…

I’ll also throw in a couple of Flashback originals here. I can’t take credit for writing “Valarie” or “Everything You Do” but the obnoxious Farfisa organ is all me. I think we did this in Bob’s basement after he took his recording class and got some of his own gear. I’m going to credit Brian and Steve with the songwriting, but I honestly have CRS and can only remember how much fun it was playing with you guys!

Everything You Do
Oh, look–I found another pic from a different gig at Thoma’s! We must have moved up in the world from “No Exit” to “Flashback.” Apparently the audience was allowed to leave now if we sucked too bad!

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